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Association L200

L200 is a shared space at Langstrasse 200, one of Zurich's busiest streets. L200 is a stage for neighbouring businesses, associations, initiatives and cultural events, a meeting place for the neighbourhood and a laboratory for neighbourly coexistence.

The space is run as an open common infrastructure by the members of the L200 association. During the week and at different times of the day, it can change its shape again and again - as a coworking space or meeting room, as a think tank, playground and flea market, as a tasting bar or festival hall. To make this possible, the furniture is neutral and flexible. The space and its identity must not be dominated by any member.

In the L200, innovative businesses and organisations can showcase their work in a prominent street window, equip a shelf on site or present themselves as a pop-up store. L200 is also setting up an interactive digital display for the neighbourhood.

Our vision is a neighbourhood that knows and supports each other. Let's share resources, ideas and knowledge!

Mission statement - May 2018

The large and medium-sized players in Zurich's Kreis 5 are now joined by a small one who has a lot to do: the L200 association has successfully applied to the city of Zurich to rent the store at Langstrasse 200 / corner of Neugasse and wants to set up a hub for the neighbourhood in that location.

The association arose out of the concern of various small shop owners who found themselves in Forum 5im5i dealing with the issue of the "death of small shops".

Life in the neighbourhood stands and falls with what happens on the ground floor and on the street. For this reason, the association actively promotes the small businesses located here, and other organizations and initiatives with similar values, and thus the life in the district 5 and its immediate surroundings.

History and Board of Directors

The association was founded in 2017, originally named gimi5+, with Elin Braun, managing director of the cooperative Chornladen, as president. Thomas Raoseta (Vice President), Ileana Apostol, Claudia Moddelmog, and Martin Furrer were also on the Board.

In November 2018, the association was renamed to Verein L200, with the following board of directors: Thomas Raoseta (President), Ileana Apostol (Vice President), Martin Furrer and Anastasia Nechalioti.

In February 2019, Panayotis Antoniadis was appointed as the "Space coordinator" (Geschäftsführer) and Jasmin Helg became a board member.

In November 2021, Thomas Raoseta and Jasmin Helg stepped out from the board, Hedi Bäbler and Frédéric Bourquard became board members, and Panayotis Antoniadis was appointed President.

In December 2022 Hedi Bäbler resigned from the board.

In May 2023 Domenika Chandra, Ioulitta Stavridi, and Raffaele Giovane became members of the board.

Board members (2023)

Panayotis Antoniadis (President)
Ileana Apostol (Vice-president)
Martin Furrer
Frédéric Bourquard
Domenika Chandra
Ioulitta Stavridi
Raffaele Giovane

Contact info

Verein L200
Langstrasse 200
8005 Zürich

Bank info:
PC: 61-250574-3
IBAN: CH34 0900 0000 6125 0574 3