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Auf den Boden kommen

The book “Auf den Boden kommen” published by Neustart Schweiz is now available at L200. It focuses on life in neighbourhoods (20,000 inhabitants) and cities. It follows on from the book Nach Hause kommen (2019), which describes the model of ecological neighbourhoods with around 500 people.

Auf den Boden kommen (Coming Down to Earth) shows how we can build new ways of living and economies within ecological boundaries that allow for a comfortable life without sacrifice.

Some keywords:

  • 1-minute neighbourhoods, 5-minute neighbourhoods, 15-minute cities
  • Worthwhile reduction of working hours to be more active together not (only) optimising means of transport, but reducing distances
  • Spacious public infrastructures, instead of retreating into oversized private spaces
  • More quality instead of quantity

Living in dense, vibrant cities is important to stop and reverse the destruction of landscapes as well as the unecological land consumption, especially in agglomerations.

Getting down to earth describes a model that can serve as a guiding principle for the conversion of our settlements. It is crucial to realise that liveable and sustainable cities can only emerge on the basis of an economy of proximity. Today's growth and consumer society are no longer sustainable; Getting Down to Earth shows promising alternatives!

Dorothee Spuhler explains how we can reduce our water consumption and recover resources from our waste water, based on a different water management. resources from our wastewater. Panayotis Antoniadis postulates a "terrestrial internet" that can be controlled and used by the users themselves. Michael Baumgartner provides the basics for the contemporary design of implementation processes. It is not only about the what? but also about the how?

A second part offers information on diverse initiatives in neighbourhoods in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We hope that both our exemplary suggestions and the existing points of contact will inspire as many people as possible to work for a different urban way of life.

The book contains numerous informative tables, partly multi-coloured sketches and graphics.