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Overview 2023

2023 was the first year that the L200 association didn’t have to worry about the monthly rent. Thanks to our old and new spaceholders (25 in total) who prepaid for their expected usage in the whole year. In addition to those planned activities many more events and activities took place, also from the 43 new members in 2023.

More than 200 events, by more than 70 hosts, with more than 3000 external guests.

Since the first days of L200, NeNa1 Wohngenossenschaft has held many of its planned monthly meetings, on the 17th of every month, but also subsidized the use of the space of related organization like Koopernicus, Klimagenossenschaft, and individual initiatives by NeNa1 members like the TINAV joy day.

AOZ always offers a completely free and easy to join German course, and also information on learning German across the city. Every Thursday at 17:00.

NetHood organized various social events and gatherings, like the Cafe Lento on Sunday afternoons.

Guido Holenstein, our volunteer graphic designer, used L200 for small working meetings with customers.

Ioulitta Stavridi is co-working at L200 and organized various social and cultural events with live music.

Eleni Mylona held a performance and a hybrid event bringing in contact the Katines feminist group in Greece with Zurich's Katines collective.

Kollektiv Kollektiv used L200 for co-working and hosted a series of participatory workshops titled “Kollaboration? Kollaboration!”- events focused on working together in collaborative structures.

Neustart Schweiz distributes its books on sustainability like the recently published “Auf den Boden kommen”, and translated in French (“La ville d’une seule planete”) and also available at L200.

The Stadtufer cooperative used L200 for co-working, workshops, and information events.

Terrasse Ensemble theater group used L200 for rehearsals and specialized seminars at L200.

Encointer (Leu.Zurich) used L200 as an infopoint and a venue for its LeuTreff event series.

Zurich Storytellers chose L200 as the permanent venue of their monthly Storyslams, the last Thursday of every month.

Rainbow affair organized a series of daily pop-up shops to promote their new brand. Sometimes also with guests.

Rafaelle Giovani (creagiovani) organized an Art Market with many invited artists and fine food producers.

Transition Zurich moved to the outskirts of Zurich but still uses L200 for small workshops with partners like Boimig and El Comedor.

The Porny Days Festival took place between November 29 - December 3 and used L200 as its central info point, placing L200 next to well established venues like RiffRaff, Xenix, and others.

ETH’s More Than Human Film series screened the film “Encounters at the end of the world” in collaboration with the trans magazin.

Various chairs of the ETH Landscape and Urban Studies Institute organized courses, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and social events.

ETH + UpZ organized a workshop on care.

Mayan Dreams organized a weekly pop-up shop and an Apero.

Kostas Tzouflas used L200 for co-working and for organizing events like the fundraising for the “Las Noches festival” and a concert by “Le Pli”.

Glocalroots held a series of intimate discussions.

Josefwiese Kiosk held at L200 some of its board meetings.

SP5 holds at L200 its monthly board meetings and various workshops and discussions.

Openfutures with ClubLafafa launched an awareness campaign on Swiss residence permits covering all 5 Neugasse windows with posters showcasing the F, N, S, C, usw permits.

INURA Zurich and ETH Chair of Sociology used L200 as the operational base of the INURA conference in Zurich (May 30-June 6).

Republik online newspaper used L200 for a workshop with its cooperative members and as a distribution center for its printed magazines.

Kalkbreite cooperative organized a workshop for residents of the Zollhaus building.

Flexibles used L200 as a co-working space, and also for its postal address.

In Your Face Comedy organized weekly standup comedy shows.

The Lemonia.ch Greek delicatessen organized a pop-up shop during Christmas.

Tellfilm media production company organized a pre-screening of their new TV series at L200.

The 2402 forum hosted 3 from its weekly film screenings, followed by discussions on the film and about the war in Ukraine at L200.

Nazli and Igor living in the same building organized the birthday party of their daughter.

Philipp Klaus gave six violin solo concerts.

The Footprints gave a jazz concert, with a literally open door for passers by to get a glimpse.

ProVelo Verein organized their annual Apero.

Florian and Vera organized a pop-up for selling the old objects from Florian’s father’s Pfarrhaus.

Feministen organized one film screening and one panel discussion.

Benoit, a close neighbor, organized a birthday party.

The Verein Free Iran, organized a fundraising party.

Radio Optimistic, Optimistic Radio organized a jam session.

Atelier Pnoe, Nikos and Anastasia, organized a film screening.

The University of Zurich’s Social and Cultural Geography department organized an exchange between students and city residents.

Eve Morelli invited her co-workers at the Radicant bank for a creative workshop and lunch.

RaiseNow used L200 for a weekly workshop on fundraising tools and processes.

Anna Wohlgemuth from ZHdK organized a book presentation.

Jacqui Villiger transformed L200 into a gallery for her paintings exhibition.

GarduxFlow invited the band Ryan Tennis for a special appearance in Zurich, at L200.

Zerocem 0100 organized a panel on citizen climate assemblies, and more.

The Sex Workers Association organized a private event.

Demokrative organized a workshop on games for democracy education.

Marsimone Frei presented her birthday party planning business on the L200 windows.

Michele Casanova chose L200 for his special personal show, with professional recording.

Patricia hosted two workshops on visions for a care food system, including chocolate making stories from Peru and Ecuador.

Open Network Infrastructures Association organized a panel presentation.

Integrale Politik Zürich organized two private workshops.

Anskar, a close neighbor, hosted a job farewell Apero.

Designathon organized a lunch workshop.

The Greek rebetiko jam band performed three times at L200, used as a replacement location during the renovation of their main venue.

Zoe organized an exhibition and fashion show, including a cat walk!

Vassilis introduced his Random Facts Exchange Science comedy show (currently at its 2nd edition)

Civic city based in Paris, introduced their presence in Zurich with a friendly dinner and open discussion.

Urban Equipe used L200 for a workshop for preparing a right to housing demonstration.

Antithesis hosted a discussion and concert for the 17th November commemoration for the people who lost their lives in the Polytechnic Uprising that occurred in Athens in 1973.

Marianthe hosted a book presentation.

Alex transformed for one more time L200 to a gallery for a collective exhibition titled “Meet me at the Vernissage”.

Janosch used L200 as a basis for the visit of the Inga guests from Colombia, where they prepared food and hosted a dinner with feedback from their long walk around Zurich.

Lukas organized a press conference for a legal case from the European Court of Human Rights.