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Call for spaceholders 2024

The concept of a spaceholder has been the cornerstone of L200’s sustainability model in recent years. See https://langstrasse200.ch/pub/spaceholders/.

For the period 2024-2025, it becomes even more important.

Because of the planned transition of L200, the spaceholders of 2024 will provide the necessary space for the new organizing team to prepare the new model, or upgrade the current one.

And for that, they will be the privileged users of the space for this transition period.

In more detail, after March 31st and until the new coordination and management team takes over the responsibilities for running the space, we stop accepting new memberships and reservations from non-spaceholders.

The good news is that the minimum spaceholder fee is only 600CHF for the whole year. You can get even a refund if at the end of the year there is a surplus, as it happened this year.

The deadline for applying as spaceholder is on March 18th, when the annual Spaceholder Handshake Assembly will take place. Only if needed, the deadline might be extended to March 31st.

Please contact us at info@langstrasse200.ch for more information and clarifications.