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Newsletter of 2019-02-12

Subject: L200: Auch (D)ein Raum in action

Dear friends of L200,

The new year has started very well, with a successful podium organized by 5im5i, our first "full house"!

Since then more and more new members are joining to organize a wide variety of events!

For example, join us today Tuesday, Feb 12, 19:00, for foodsharing's dinner or on Sunday, Feb 17, 10:00, for NeNa1's monthly meeting (including brunch).

February ends with Kalkbreite's workshop "Das Zollhaus wird farbenfroh", Feb 28, 19:00, and March starts with a book launch by our new member by Sonja Kägi: "Vom Foto zum Kunstwerk", Mar 1, 18:30.

In mid March, our neighbors and new members Chriegerin "wird 2! Jubiläum", Mar 13, 18:30.

And many more is being organized both earlier and later in March.

All events are updated at http://langstrasse200.ch/pub/events, and our Facebook and Twitter pages are also starting to become alive.

Waiting to see you soon by L200,

The L200 Team

P.S. „Handel im Wandel an der Langstrasse“ podium, January 21, 2019