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Newsletter of 2019-04-03

Subject: L200: Was ist das?

Dear friends of L200,

Since the last newsletter in February, our community has grown significantly (more than 200 newsletter subscribers, out of which ~90 Verein members) and many activities took place at L200. With thirteen public events in March, and five new "Window Shops" or Fenster Laden, we are looking forward to your participation for an equally exciting April.

Our latest blog entry summarizes the past activity and sets the tone for the future:

L200 is also your space (auch dein raum), an affordable central space for everyone, and one of its core values is diversity.

  • From informal groups to big organizations.
  • From digital nomads to neighbourhood residents.
  • From 4 years old kids to elderly people.
  • From impulsive action to careful reflection.
  • From global issues to everyday life.

We are proud that the first question most people ask when entering the space is “What is this?” (Was ist das?) and we hope that it will be forever that L200 will not be fully defined leaving always room for imagining new ways to use it.

One wish not fulfilled yet is to further activate our community lunch every Wednesday at 13:00. Right now it works as a cooking group (we all cook in rotation), but guests are always welcome. Last week Jasmin from Transition Zurich and our neighbour Walter picked together Bärlauch from Zuriberg, and Walter prepared a delicious pasta with it. Supporting each other for eating more seasonal and locally grown food is one of the goals of this cooking group.

Much more is under preparation by our active members and their projects, and the best way to find out what is happening and become part of L200 is to pass by to meet with us.

There is always someone to talk with you from 17:30-19:30 except Sundays, and the more people know this daily appointment, the more interesting serendipitous moments will take place.

See you at L200!

The L200 team

February 28, Das Zollhaus wird farbenfroh

March 1, Book presentation and exhibition by Sojna Kagi

March 5, Linear Development (afternoon session)

March 5, Linear Development (evening session)

March 13, Chriegerin wird 2! Jubiläum

March 16, SGMK's General Assembly

March 30, L200 Windows ready (3 out of 5 shown)