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Newsletter of 2019-06-04

Subject: L200 celebrates one year, June 20th

German version

Dear friends of L200,

We invite you to pass by L200, on Thursday June 20, after 17:00 to celebrate one year of successful operation and a great potential for the future.

  • 17:00 Open doors
  • 19:00 Short presentation of the highlights of the 1st year and discussion
  • 20:00 Light dinner and drinks until late

Here is an indicative list of highlights from the last two months:

  • A wide variety of events, ranging from hands-on workshops on fermentation and DIY neon LED signs to an information event on the Credit Suisse Schuldenaffäre in Mosambique, a book presentation by HAZ, and an open-mic night!
  • L200 was introduced in the SRF1 documentary "Die Langstrasse Im Wandel" and in ZAZ's public debate “Langstrasse: Partymeile und Wohnquartier?"
  • A nicely growing group of co-working organizations like Transition Zürich, NetHood, euforia, Boimig, and artisans like Atelier Angela Siciliano and Atelier Pnoe.
  • Continuation of regular events by AOZ (free German course every Thursday at 17:00), 5im5i (every 5th of the month), and NeNa1 (every 17th of the month).

And here is a glimpse of what is coming in June:

  • June 11: euforia workshop
  • June 14: Frauen*strike: L200 broadcasts Radio Lora live
  • June 19: Death Café Zürich
  • June 20: L200 Party!
  • June 22: ReVision Ensemble Concert
  • June 27: 3D printing with free software (openki course)

More information on previous and upcoming events including photos is available here: http://langstrasse200.ch/events/ (*)

As always, you are more than welcome to participate. L200 is your space, too!

See you at L200!

The L200 team

Anastasia, Nikos, and Panos made a customized neon LED "Open" sign for L200 during a very exciting workshop by Marc Dusseiller from SGMK. A short video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmmZqKF0p_Q

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