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Newsletter of 2019-08-29

Subject: L200: The happiness of diversity - Save the date (25.10)

German version

Dear friends of L200,

It has been quite some time since our last newsletter, and many more members and newsletter subscribers have joined since then.

Welcome to all!

Note that we plan to use this channel every 1-2 months to announce important developments and main events of the L200 community, like our next general assembly on Friday, October 25th.

Save the date!

A good overview of all activities (past and future) is always available at http://langstrasse200.ch/events/

If you wish to get more regular notifications you can follow us on

  • Facebook, is used for events announcement and documentation; curated by Ileana
  • Instagram, will be used mostly for exhibitions, products, and in general as a Gewerbebuehne; curated by Laura
  • Telegram news channel, used for short announcements of all important activities; curated by Raphi
  • Telegram chit-chat group, is used as an open informal chatroom for announcements, feedback, improvised happenings, and more; non-curated :-)
  • Twitter, is used for connecting with the international community of community centers, with a focus on the digital dimension; curated by Panos.

Here is a list of upcoming public events at L200 in September:

  • 02:09: The Coaching game by Joana Folgado
  • 03:09: Kerlox Dynamic Quartet Concert with apero from Angela Siciliano
  • 04:09: Teaser facilitation workshop by euforia
  • 05.09: Free german course and info by AOZ (every Thursday)
  • 11.09: Imp!act Zurich powered by euforia
  • 14.09: Come Together (13:30 Meeting point @L200) with 5im5i & Stiftung PWG
  • 17.09: NeNa1 monthly meeting (Film «Der Stoff aus dem Träume sind», Essen, and more)

And as always, you are more than welcome to pass by during our opening hours, the L200 Ecke, everyday from 17:30-19:30 except Sundays.

Note also that at L200 you can always find various interesting products to buy like the cement objects by Atelier Pnoe, the Dukta lamps, the upcycled bags by Angela Siciliano, and since July 2019 the brand new Zurideutsch self-learning books with audio support, made by the fantastic team of volunteers of the VoCHabular verein, also available to freely download as pdf at http://vochabular.ch

Finally, don't forget that L200 depends on your participation to continue to offer affordable access to such a central space to a wide variety of organizations and individuals.

See you soon at L200!

The L200 team.

P.S. Some moments since our last newsletter showcasing the high diversity of activities:

Radio Lora DJ sessions, broadcasted live from L200. See also a short, roughly edited, Video

An exhibition by Atelier Pnoe ("The making of Voyeur auf der Stadionbrache")

"The coaching game" (another workshop is coming soon on 2. Sept)

Co-working at L200

Tomek was last week L200's "Artist in Residence" and proposed an alternative for our front boards. Do you like it?