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Newsletter of 2019-10-22

Dear L200 friends,

This is the week of the L200 GV: Friday, October 25 at 18:30 (see below for the agenda).

Also non-members are welcome to join, and if you would like to have a voting right, you can register on site.

The most important news is that we are doing well and L200 is here to stay!

For this, we would like to start the process of defining a set of values and corresponding rules, which will guide the future development of L200. You can find in the following link the draft proposal of the L200 user group (the regular users of the space): http://langstrasse200.ch/pub/werte/

We will discuss and vote (in principle) on this initial proposal during the GV on Friday, and then a participatory process will be organized for finalizing the document and update our statuten; during the 2020 GV, which will take place earlier (around March).

And if you don’t make it for the GV, here are some upcoming events, more info at http://langstrasse200.ch/events:

  • 30.10 The Coaching Game
  • 13.11 Chancen und Risiken der Digitalisierung für Demokratien by Demokrative
  • 16.11 Kleidertausch by Transition Zurich
  • 17.11 NeNa1 monthly meeting (Sunday brunch)
  • 19.11 5im5i mit Iris Vollenweider und Urs Frey
  • 21.11 Long night of philosophy by Noemi, Raphi, Leander
  • 30.11 Neustart Schweiz GV

See you at L200!

The L200 team.

P.S. A nice moment since the last newsletter, showcasing L200’s diversity: Crowdcontainer and Grassrooted giving away more than 500 kilos of apples by a local farmer, while Radio Lora doing the soundcheck for the great concert that followed:

P.S.2 The final agenda of the General Assembly

  • 18:30 Overview of the activities and current status of L200
  • 18:40 Financial status 2018 and Budget 2019-2020 (Voting)
  • 19:00 Values and Rules (inputs from the User meeting, Voting)
  • 19:30 Showcase of L200 projects
  • 20:00 Next steps