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Newsletter of 2019-12-05

Dear L200 friends,

For the christmas period, between 14-23 December, L200 invites small producers to self-organize a different type of market, their own market. It will be like L200: diverse, improvised, flexible, and social.

A wide variety of products will be available. From Dukta lamps and Pnoe cement objects, to Vuna’s fertilizer, Aurine, made by … urine. From the upcycled bugs of Angela Siciliano and bfair t-shirts and baby clothes, to the blinking and sounding gadgets of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society. And more!

Martin Furrer will be also here! Almost two years after he had to quit his family business, he is now trading light reflecting gadgets for safe outdoor explorations (on foot, bicycle, scooter, etc).

You can pass by L200 everyday from 12:00-20:00 to take a look, meet the producers and their products, and have a nice time together. Everyone is welcome to join as producer or volunteer, even at the last minute, and also to organize for free small or big events to complement the market: discussions, aperos, films, music, and more.

We will keep the costs as low as possible through collaboration, self-help, and trust. L200 will guarantee the presence of at least one person during the opening times. The individual costs for each producer will depend on the total number of producers and the overall success of the market, and will range from 20-40 CHF / day.

If you are a producer or an event organizer and you want to participate in the L200 market, for one or more days, contact us at info@langstrasse200.ch or pass by L200 everyday except Sundays, between 17:30-19:30.

See you at L200!

Vuna and Pnoe preparing their new windows