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Newsletter of 2020-02-28

Dear L200 friends,

Much has happened since our last newsletter, even a new year has arrived!

So, here is a telegraphic list of important information:

About the association:

  • Our next GV comes soon, April 3rd at 19:00, since it is more convenient for reporting on the finances of the previous year. Save the date! (and more info will be sent in mid March)

  • The minutes from GV 2019 are available here: https://www.langstrasse200.ch/pub/home/gv-2019

Some highlights from the past:

  • The L200 carpet (the special Christmas market by L200 market) was very successful and many small artisans made their first step, like Bfair whose first products are now online: http://bfair.ch

  • The list of events keeps growing and portrays a very colourful and diverse community: http://langstrasse200.ch/events/

  • Many organizatoins joined as members like the Terrasse-Ensemble.ch, UmweltPlatform.ch, Demokrative.ch, Vuna.ch, and more.

Some highlights from the future:

  • Since January 2020, a ZeroWaste roundtable has been held every 1st Tuesday of the month. New from March on there will be an Upcycling sewing workshop every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Come by and join in ;-). You can find more information at http://transition-zuerich.ch

  • A lot of interesting projections of documentaries with discussion on Polyamory (08.03), Stadionbrache (13.3), and the Novartis' case in Greece (20.03) are scheduled in March. See http://langstrasse200.ch/events/

  • Martin Furrer (aka haar-m.ch) and Panos from NetHood.org, will be organizing often a Bing-Bong-Abend. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t72SVKePjJ4. And stay tuned at http://langstrasse200.ch/events/.

  • On March 14th, from 16:30, the Small Batch Project invite us to experiment with a traditional Mexican millstone to jointly produce hot chocolate directly from cocoa beans. And perhaps this could become another regular event at L200! See https://www.facebook.com/events/400003560863875/

  • On April 7th, a new monthly series of events starts on the topic of digital empowerment organized by a coalition of local organizations that defend our digital rights. It will take place every 7th of the month at 7pm! Stay tuned at http://7at7.ch

And an important reminder:

L200 has been established as a main venue in the city for almost two years based solely on the contributions of its members to cover the high rent, and on voluntary work for management, accounting, cleaning, communication, and many more. So, it is only through your participation that we can make sure that L200 will stay always as open and diverse as it is today.

See you at L200!