We envisage a neighborhood of around 500 people who organize their own local supplies of everyday necessities and thus make their own contribution to the 2000-watt society. For our new building we need about one hectare to achieve an extraordinarily high utilization rate.

Zurich is colourful and lively! There are community gardens, repair cafés, alternative economic models, information events on the subject of sustainability and and and ... Transition Zurich wants to bundle the power of these organizations and initiatives by: creating a networking platform for them; making them visible; giving them a common voice; valuing and celebrating what exists; responding to their needs; and creating a common vision.

The cooperative Kalkbreite stands for smart, innovative solutions for living and working. Comprehensive and forward-looking thinking on various topics such as energy and land consumption, car renunciation and participation have produced a lively cooperative that develops and exemplifies a wide range of new ideas for urban life, urban development, commercial and residential concepts, outdoor spaces or participatory processes and self-organisation.

If we live together in cleverly networked neighbourhoods of around 500 residents, a resource-saving way of life without a loss of quality of life is possible.

To whom District 5 of Zurich belongs to? And who is designing this inner-city quarter, which is located directly behind the main railway station? Such questions led to the creation of Forum 5im5i in spring 2015. We develop and discuss ideas for revitalising the neighbourhood. The Forum meets on the 5th of every month, is organised on a grassroots democratic basis and sees itself as politically and religiously neutral.

NetHood is about bridging the digital with the physical space; sharing ideas and experiences, affirming differences; claiming our right to the hybrid city; building together local solutions for local needs, including: DIY networking, neighborhood catalysts, complementary currencies, cooperative housing, and sustainable food culture.

We offer a platform for people who want to realize their project independently and concentrate fully on their core business. Your project is running? Would you like to offer your services professionally? Do you have an exact idea of what and how you would like to work as a self-employed person? Actually, you just want to get started and put all your energy into your passion? Nevertheless you need a lot all around: encouragement, insurances, registration as a self-employed person at the SVA, website, bookkeeping, social network and and and and. We as sinndrin cooperative keep your back free.

The INURA Zurich Institute (IZI) is an independent research institute that has been dealing with urban development issues for 20 years, analysing, advising and asking questions. Our most important research question is: How can our built, social and natural environment be organised in such a way that it fundamentally meets the requirements of a socially and humane, ecologically and economically sustainable development?

The Transcultural, participative and critical theatre in Zurich's Langstrasse neighbourhood.

As the Grassrooted Zürich association, we have set ourselves the goal of closing the food cycles and persuading the people of Zurich to conscientiously consume agricultural goods in accordance to their grandchildren's needs. The ethical ideals of permaculture are our guidelines and we would like to contribute to the creation of a permanent culture.

Our vision is to build a network of consumers and small producers that will enable fully transparent trade in unique food products worldwide. For this purpose we have founded in 2016 Crowd Container, and since then we have imported several containers with food from three continents. Our association takes care of the community on a voluntary basis and the exchange with producers from all over the world.

The Denknetz is Switzerland's left-wing, socially critical think tank with over 1400 members. The Denknetz is committed to the fundamental values of freedom, equality and solidarity.

Professional organization, public institution of the city of Zurich, not profit-oriented, confessional, and politically neutral. is an interactive web platform under development with the goal of providing barrier-free access to education for all. The platform facilitates the organisation and delivery of peer-to-peer courses.

dukta gmbh is a development & design office located in Zürich Switzerland. Based on the int. patented dukta incision process we create new applications, interiors and products. Together with our selected and licenced manufacturers in different coutries we advise and support architects, engineers and building owners through technical and design matters.

Atelier Pnoe is a group of architects, founded in 2018 by two architects in Zurich. Its portfolio ranges from architectural services in Switzerland and Greece to design objects made out of cement and creations made out of clay.

The Internet Society Switzerland Chapter (ISOC-CH) is a non-governmental not-for-profit association seated in Zurich, Switzerland, recognized as chapter of the (global) Internet Society (ISOC). ISOC is a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education and policy.

Boimig makes it possible to experience a sustainable food culture that is good for the soil, ecosystems and people. Together with consumers and producers, the association organises cooking events, dialogues, harvesting and planting activities to promote regenerative agriculture based on trees and perennial crops.

The Kleihd association would like to create an alternative to the usual fashion consumption. Loaning clothes, bartering and second-hand items slow down the troublesome production of ever new items. There are enough clothes!

Who feeds your cat during the holidays? Who lends you a drill? And who can help with the cartons? We thought we'd ask our neighbours. Because - neighbours are close. So, we got together and founded an association. We offer a platform where neighbours can find each other and network. We are neighbours - we are the neighbourhood of district 5.

We offer transformative trainings for changemakers as well as intergenerational leadership, teambuilding and change management programmes for organisations. By doing so we strive to co-create a global movement that unleashes the potential of people. We enable them to take action for a more just society in which people respect themselves, others and the environment.

The Swiss Energy Foundation (SES) works for an ecological, equitable and sustainable energy policy. Its strategy — "2000 watt society" — promotes better energy efficiency and use of renewable energy resources other than fossile fuels or nuclear power. Based in Zurich, SES is entirely financed by private donations.

As in an everyday open conversation, those who talk must also be able to listen. And that is what we want at the theatre. Inviting us to listen and listen ourselves.

We are an association for the promotion of the acquisition of the High German and Swiss German language. Learning German alone is not easy. But arriving in German-speaking Switzerland and understanding "Schwiizertüütsch" at the same time is an even greater challenge. That's why we founded the voCHabular association. Together we are creating a self-learning tool in the form of a book and an app to make it easier to get started in everyday life in Switzerland. Our vision is to contribute to an inclusive, open and supportive society with our project.

What would it be like to live in a world where people treat each other with respect and prudence, appreciate and protect nature and strive for harmony with themselves and the environment? Every day, new projects and ideas emerge to lead our world into a future suitable for grandchildren. We want many more to become the driving forces behind eco-social change!

The HAZ (Homosexual Working Group Zurich) is one of the largest LGBTQ organizations in Switzerland. Since 1972, they have stood up for the respect of basic and human rights and the complete legal equality of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people in all areas of life.

Radio LoRa is a non-commercial local radio station for the greater Zurich area and the oldest community radio station in Switzerland. Around 300 committed radio station operators broadcast 24 hours a day from our studios in District 4 - and in 20 different languages!

Demokrative - Initiative for Civic Education is a non-partisan and non-profit association based in Zurich. With our activities we want to contribute to the further development and strengthening of civic education and thus strengthen our democracy.

bfair's vision is the ethical and fair production of organic textiles so that you as a customer can contribute to a better world.

UP - Umwelt Plattform is a family of over 50 dedicated people who love to act for the planet. We are independent of political ideals, economic interests and religion. We are funded by those who share our passion and approach.

No Sweatshop is a platform to discuss, inform and develop ideas on topics related to upcycling, textile waste and other sustainability issues.